The Positive Energy Company



Where a better future gets created.

  The Positive Energy Company makes sustainability accessible in all walks of life. Today, there is an increasing awareness that us humans, we are depleting the resources of this planet, physical and human. The Positive Energy Company want to change that.


We are a group of purpose driven individuals that are committed to make our contribution to a better future. By looking at old habbits and new technology in a new light, we drive and enable the transition to more sustainable ways of living and working.


We believe that by combining our creativity and science we can find solutions to everyday problems. We are looking for solutions that can restore the natural balance of things and are scientifically sound, economically viable and artistically beautiful.


Each of our companies will lead an effort to bring sustainability to their area of activity, in the form of "positive energy." We do not have all of the answers, but we realize we have no choice but to start addressing these issues, one challege at a time.


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